Nothern Palmira

Regional public charity organization "Northern Palmira" has been included in the structure of the Association "Great Bear" since July,2001 and works according to the programme of the same name that was created together with Leningrad command, Leningrad naval base and Northernwest regional centre of the Emergency Control Ministry of Russia and Inter-regional public organization of veterans (pensioners) of war, labour, armed forces and law enforcement bodies of St.Petersburg and Leningrad region. The programme is aimed at rendering assistance to front-line soldiers, veterans and invalids of military service as well as to families of the servicemen, firemen and members of the Emergency Control Ministry fallen while on duty. The employees of the programme as far as they can try to help those people mentioned above in overcoming difficulties of everyday life. (foodstuff sets, financial support, medicine, cultural events, visiting memorial places connected with the heroic defence of Leningrad during World War II.

Within the programme the following actions are organized: congratulations and presents for the veterans of the defence and law enforcement agencies on their anniversaries and holidays, preparations and sending off the humanitarian aid to the servicemen who do their military duty in the North Caucasus.

The special emphasis is made on the work in the interests of rising generation. In the first place it concerns children whose fathers were servicemen or members of defence and law enforcement agencies and fell while on duty. Every month (including summer time) cultural, entertaining and patriotic events are organized for them not only in St.Petersburg and the nearest suburbs but beyond their boundaries as well.