The activity of the social charity organization "Soobschestvo" founded in 2003 is concentrated on the creation of favourable conditions for rehabilitation and social adaptation of children and orphan teenagers as well as on the propaganda of healthy life-style among them, the development of self-service skills, the activization of intellectual and physical abilities of children and teenagers. The problem of the socialization of orphans and children left without parents gives no opportunity to fully prepare them for independent life, though most of them live in public institutions. Children and orphan teenagers have serious psychological difficulties connected with limited possibilities of communication with peers, visiting cultural events. They have a deep psychological scar in heart that reflects their behaviour, adequacy, social adaptation snd protectability. The charity organization "Soobschestvo" undertakes the task of organizing and carrying out holidays, festivals, sports competitions, meetings with interesting people, coach and motorship excursions that favour the expansion of the circle of acquaintance, improvement and stabilization of emotional, physical and mental health of children and teenagers from children's homes and boarding schools of St.Petersburg. The charity organization "Soobschestvo" is very grateful to the directors of companies and their employees who got around to help children that turned out to be in a difficult life situation. Our contact details: (812) 491-92-29, e-mail: Shiryaeva Anna