Leningrad region public charity organization Panda started its activity in November 2005. The organization was established in order to provide comprehensive support for socially unprotected layers of the society.

Unfortunately the number of people that need our support is not getting fewer. Very often people face the necessity to cope with problems all alone. Within the limits of the activity of the organization several programmes are being implemented: Memory (patriotic education, supporting veterans and families of servicemen lost while on duty), Emergency for kids (supporting families with children in a difficult situation), Two teddy bears (supporting families that have handicapped children). But the leading programme is House of kids hearts (supporting orphan children and assistance in art education).

In 2007 organization Panda carried out more than 30 charity actions for inmates of childrens homes and boarding school for orphans, for members of families that have many children, for veterans of war and labour and for former juvenile offenders. Also special attention was paid to the talented children. During that period more than 2 thousand people took part in these actions. During this 1 year of work the organization not only invited the residents of Leningrad region to St.Petersburg but also visited distant areas of the region with actors and presents.

Actions like kids picture contest, New Year parties, celebrations of Womens day and Country defenders day, celebrations of International day of Children Protection, final balls for orphan graduates, boat trips, trips on the Ladoga lake, etc became a tradition.

Leningrad region public charity organization Panda implements charity actions with the help of Committees on social work of Administration of Leningrad region, sponsors and patrons.

We are glad to collaborate with those who care about socially unprotected residents of our region.