Public Council of the association

  1. Baskin G.E. Head director of the concert-hall "Giant Hall", national artist of Russia
  2. S.M.BebeninChairman of Legislative Assembly of Leningrad region.
  3. N.V.Burov Chairman of the Committee on Culture of the Administration of St.Petersburg, the national artist of Russia.
  4. N.A.Vartanyan Director of the Leningrad Regional College of Culture and Arts
  5. M.Y.Velikoselskiy General director of "STO" TV channel
  6. A.V.Grachikov Chairman of board of directors of OSTI companies group.
  7. V.G.Derbin Chairman of Federation of Trade Unions of St.Petersburg and Leningrad region
  8. G.V.Dyagilev Member of presidium of the Public Council of St.Petersburg, editor-in-chief of Russian Invalid charity newspaper.
  9. A.V.Zimin President of the Association of public organizations of St.Petersburg and Leningrad region Great Bear
  10. V.V.Igonin General director of tanker shipping company Navigator
  11. A.P. Isaev Director of the centre of shortcut education of Northwest Academy of Public Service
  12. I.I.Krasko Actor of state Vera Komissarzhevskaya theatre, national artist of Russia
  13. I.I.Korbutov Chairman of the Council of inter-regional public organization of war, labour, armed forces and law machinery veterans of St.Petersburg and Leningrad region, general-colonel.
  14. M.V.Korchagin Senior deputy of the President of the Association of public organizations of St.Petersburg and Leningrad region Great Bear
  15. A.P.Kuznetsov General director of Astramarin company
  16. P.N.Labutin Deputy of the General Court of Leningrad region, general colonel
  17. S.P.LebedevChairman of the Veteran Council of the Municipal department of Internal affairs of St.Petersburg and Leningrad region, police major general.
  18. V.V.Lenshin Associate professor of St.Petersburg University of Culture and Arts.
  19. G.V.Marchenko Deputy Commander on education of Northwest district of internal troops of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia
  20. D.V.Nevelskiy General director of Nevskie loterei
  21. R.S.Nehay Deputy commander of Leningrad military district on educational work, general major.
  22. O.A.Nilov Deputy of the St.Petersburg Legislative Assembly.
  23. B.M.Petrov Director of St.Petersburg regional centre ITAR TASS
  24. V.G.Petukhov Judge of the St.Petersburg Court, lieutenant general
  25. M.B.Piotrovskiy Director of State Hermitage
  26. V.I.Prokopyev Deputy chairman of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of St.Petersburg
  27. S.A.Prokhorov Television anchorman, director of House of Scientists in Lesnoy.
  28. N.I.Pustotin Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Leningrad region.
  29. Y.E.Rafalskiy President of SZNK holding company.
  30. A.N.Rzhanenkov Chairman of the Committee on labour and social security
  31. T.Y.Romanenko Executive secretary of the Council
  32. M.V.Silnikov General director of Special Materials Ltd, professor, honoured science worker of Russian Federation.
  33. S.A.Skorik General director of Transsfera International
  34. V.S.Sukhoruchenko Senior Deputy Chairman of the Committee on legacy and security.
  35. A.N.Teptsov Military commissioner of Leningrad region, colonel
  36. O.A.Utkin Vice-governor of Leningrad region.
  37. L.D.Chernavin Director of War and History Museum branch at Aurora cruiser, rear admiral.
  38. V.I.Shalak Head of the press service of the Council.